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  • What is Instagram?
  • How Instagram is beneficial for you and how do they prove best for your business?
  • Is it possible for you to access your Instagram profile without logging into your account
  • Which websites are there for you to reach the profile without having your account?
  • How you can explore any Instagram account without an account?


Instagram is a social media platform that has users billions using and enjoying its features and earning profit from them. People are using this forum for sharing photos and videos with their friends and followers. Many businesses are there on Instagram and manipulating this app for their business objectives and to get huge fame. There are many benefits of having an Instagram account you can not only earn fame but also earn money from this platform.

Instagram is considered one of the healthy platforms for all to users. The features of Instagram help you to increase your number of followers as more and more people come to your account and visit your profile. You can increase your engagement and boost the progress of your account. Now the question here is whether you can earn all these privileges on Instagram if you have an Instagram account or is it possible to enjoy all windfall of Instagram without having an account if yes then how you can do so?

The answer is yes you can get the advantage from all the components of Instagram without having an account and can explore this revolutionary app same as the one who is using it with an account there.


When you plan to have an Instagram account what you do is go to the play store and install the app there. When you open the page you have to sign up for the account and then log in to your page it is considered the only a way to enjoy all the features of Instagram. You can also utilize the third-party app and seek all the privileges without logging into an account. is the official website of Instagram you can go to the browser and type the Instagram website there. For this, you have a public profile on Instagram. The username who you want to see the posts never knows who watches its posts. It is one of the methods many other methods that allow you to view the photos and videos of any Instagram account without having your account.

Instagram viewers allow you to view the public content on Instagram without logging in to your account. You can avail this opportunity by following websites:

1) ImgInn.

2) Anon IG viewer. 

3) Dumpor.

o   ImgInn:

ImgInn is the Instagram viewer used for this purpose. You can not access a private account in any case but can view the public account content their posts can easily be available for you. In the browser open the website. When you open the page of ImgInn there is a search bar tap there and search the account for which you are looking if it is a public account you can watch its posts and also there is the option of downloading its stories.

o   Anon IG viewer:

Anon IG viewer is the Instagram viewer that helps you to access more general information which you can not achieve through ImgInn. Anon is the best website only if you have the exact username of the account which you want to access if you have no accurate information about a particular account you can not reach your target through this website.

o   Exploreig:

Exploreig is an anonymous Instagram viewer that has more advanced features than ImgInn and Anon. For this, you have to go to the browser and search for the Dumpor after clicking on the search bar and investigating the account for which you want to know without having your own Instagram profile. Thai websites are the tool that proves promising for you as you can search for the account through a specific location and hashtags it will also take you to the account that you want to know. You can get more details about the account you can view their followers, their following, reels, and stories, access their profile, bio, location, and all possible information for which you are searching.